Play Structures
Backyard Adventures has been designing and building play structures for over 25 years.  In all this time, they've focused on total customer value: Quality, Safety, Durability, Affordable Prices, and "Fun Factor". You won't find any pine or treated woods here, only strong, durable, beautiful cedar.

Playsets by Backyard Adventures are designed as component systems.
Innovation is a cornerstone of the company, and you'll see the results of creative ingenuity throughout all of their products. With maximum flexibility, we can help you configure the perfect set to fit your budget and your play space. There are four series to choose from:
Site Planning & Preparation:
We recommend that you review our Site Planning & Preparation Guide when selecting your play structure.
Treehouse Playsets
The Backyard Adventures Treehouse series gives you the highest quality, easiest to customize, best priced play sets available. Tested for over 25 years, they continue to live up to the expectations of families around the world. Treehouse Series play sets are designed for children of all ages and adults to play together. Every Treehouse play set comes with the manufacturer's Limited Life-Time Warranty.
  • Total design flexibility /huge selection of play features
  • Durable enough for children and adults
  • Vertical leg design maximizes activities in small spaces
  • Deck heights of 4', 5' (Adventure), 6' (Olympian), or 7' (Titan)
  • Swing heights 8' to 10'
  • Slide Lengths 10' to 14'
Peak Playsets
The Peak Series has an A-frame base unit specially designed to accommodate a tire swing that can swivel 360° below an extra-large 6' x 6' deck. In addition, it comes loaded with some of our most popular accessories and has the most headroom of all the sets. With so many great activities built in, the Peak base unit can be used as a stand-alone play set, or it can be extended with a swing set or monkey bars. Peak play sets are super-sturdy, constructed for parents and children of all ages to play together.
  • Angled leg design for a tire swivel swing
  • Rock wall, chain ladder, accessory arm w/ trapeze bar, & accessory arm w/ rope ladder included
  • Design flexibility to add a swing set, monkey bars, and more
  • Wood roof option
  • Durable enough for children and adults
  • Deck heights 6' (Olympian) or 7'(Titan)
  • Swing heights 9' or 10'
  • Slide Lengths 12' - 14'
When you compare our Peak Series to other angle leg swing sets, it's easy to see the incredible value we've built into our Peak play sets. No other similarly designed system will provide the same combination of play value, quality, reliability, and fun.
Explorer Playsets
The Backyard Adventures Explorer Series is the younger sibling of our Treehouse and Peak series. It strikes the perfect balance between price and value. The Explorer Series features two different base fort structures: the Magellan and the Mountaineer, each with unique standard accessories and a 5' high deck. Explorer play sets are designed for children of all ages to enjoy. Compare the wood, accessory options, construction and design of similarly priced play sets and you'll see why the Backyard Adventures Explorer Series is the indisputable leader!
  • Semi - modular: a swing set, monkey bars, or tower can be added
  • Base Units come with popular features built in
  • Deck heights 5'-6'
  • Swing heights 8' - 9'
  • Slide Lengths 10' - 12'
  • Can add many Treehouse and Peak accessories
The Magellan has a vertical fort structure with wood roof, 5' rock wall and picnic table. To this you can add slides, swing beams, and tons of accessories just like all other Backyard Adventure sets. There's even a special lower enclosure with side table for pretend play or puppet shows.
The Mountaineer uses an angled fort structure with wood roof, 5' rock wall, tire swivel swing, and two accessory arms with a rope ladder and trapeze bar. Like the Magellan, you can add your choice of slides, swing beams, and a variety of accessories to create the perfect Explorer set.
Expedition Playsets
The Expedition series is the most affordable family of top-quality play sets available. Expedition play sets are priced similarly to the "mass produced" sets you might find at big box home improvement and toy stores, but they have distinct advantages over those budget-priced sets. You won't find any pine or treated woods here, only strong, durable, beautiful Cedar. Conveniently boxed, you can either build an Expedition set yourself, or use our reasonably priced delivery and installation services.
  • Pre-packaged kits with everything you need
  • Exceptional play value at great prices
  • Deck height 5'
  • Swing height 7'
  • Slide Length 10'
Loaded with valuable features, both the Yosemite and Avalanche are carefully crafted with your children's playtime in mind. From swings and slides, to rock walls, picnic tables, forts, and more, your young ones will find a variety of fun activities right in the safety of your own backyard! Expedition play sets are designed for children ages 3 - 10.
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