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AlleyOop Sports
Our most advanced designs, AlleyOOP is simply, the best trampoline available and the lowest cost for 10-15 years of safe use. Innovative bed, spring, and net enclosure designs make the AlleyOOP one of the best bouncing, and the safest outdoor trampoline ever made. If you're looking for premier safety, the best materials, and most advanced designs, AlleyOOP is the model for you.
  • Sizes: 10', 12', 14', and 10'×17'
  • External mounted, triple-backed-up safety enclosure
  • High performance 8.5" or 10" springs
  • 1" high-density foam frame pad with reinforced PVC, dark green
  • Limited lifetime frame warranty
  • VariableBounce™ Technology
  • PowerBounce and DoubleBounce™ options
  • Single-user weight rating: 235–350 lb
  • Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lb
  • Safest, most reliable, best performing trampolines for your peace of mind

JumpSport Classic
Strong, reliable, well built, the JumpSport Classic is the best outdoor trampoline to meet your budget for 5 years of safe use. With a JumpSport backyard trampoline and safety net enclosure system you can feel confident you've bought your kids the best fitness gear they'll love for fun and you'll love for safety.
  • Sizes: 14'
  • External mounted, triple-backed-up safety enclosure
  • 7" or high performance 8.5" springs
  • 1" tapered foam frame pad with thick PVC cover, blue
  • StagedBounce™ Technology
  • PowerBounce™ option
  • 10 year prorated frame warranty
  • Single-user weight rating: 225–245 lb
  • Real world testing to a combined weight of over 700 lb
  • Excellent for growing families

Site Planning & Preparation:
We recommend that you review our Site Planning & Preparation Guide when selecting your trampoline.

Patented Trampoline Safety & Performance Technology
Jumpsport and AlleyOop offer trampolines engineered to extreme safety and quality standards, and built to last.
DoubleBounce™ - Safety Technology
  • DoubleBed Spacing Creates Shock-Absorption Zone = 50% More Forgiving
  • Acts like Giant Air Pillow – Very Important during awkward landings
  • Only System to help reduce risks from Multiple Jumpers
  • Widest Performance Spectrum; Great Bounce for All Ages/Weights
  • Significantly Enhances Perimeter Bounce Performance
  • DoubleBounce System also Includes VariableBounce Technology
VariableBounce™ - Safety Technology
  • Variable Tension Between Adjacent Springs
  • Softer Landing - Lower Initial Bed Tension
  • Smoother Feel - Evens out the Transfer of Energy
  • Gentler Rebound - Reduces Kickback Force
  • Overall: A Better, Safer Bounce that Reduces Stress on the Body
PowerBounce™ - Performance Option
  • Dual Spring Assembly Significantly Boosts Bounce Performance
  • Triple-Staged Power Arm = Three Adjustable Performance Settings
  • Elevates Performance Spectrum; Great for Athletic or Larger Jumpers
  • Improves Perimeter Bounce Where Kids Also Like to Play
Fail-Safe™ - Safety Feature
  • High Strength Top Strap Tested to 3500 lb
  • Net Wraps OUTSIDE Poles – Provides 25% More Play Space
  • Foam-Cushioned Steel Poles Engineered to Flex on Impact
  • UV and Impact Testing Results: 4X More Durable, 5X Stronger
Built for Life
  • Beautiful Forest Green Color and Open-Weave Net Blends into Landscape
  • Lifetime Warranty: Galvanized, Powder-Coated Frame
  • Sure-Lock Design Prevents Frame Twisting
  • Competition Grade, High-Tensile, Extra-Stretch™ Springs
  • Heavily Reinforced Vinyl Pad with New Pass-Thru Coupling System
  • High Quality that Costs You Less Per Year than Cheap Trampolines
Peace of Mind
With 5 separate patents and over 25 safety innovations, AlleyOop makes the only advanced, safety-engineered trampolines in the world. The average car buyer spends over $2000 for a full set of airbags that will probably never be used, but every time your kids jump on an AlleyOop, their growing bodies and your peace of mind will benefit from ALL our proven safety systems.
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